After almost 15 years as a Mining family, like many, our life was tied to the almighty dollar.

Our income provided a good life for our family, but what we were trading for it was making us unhappy. 

We knew we needed to work towards a change, but we didn't know where to find it. 


Our journey with Enagic began when we purchased our K8 machine. 


Initially we saw the unique business opportunity but after introducing Kangen Water into our lives, we knew we had stumbled across something special.


Shiftwork + FIFO + DIDO + Living in Remote Towns + Industry Downturns

= Missed events = Relationship Stress = Disconnected Family = Financial Pressure

As a family, we like to travel. We enjoy weekends away to the Islands, visiting wineries, and overseas family holidays. Our most frequently visited destination is Bali. We have been holidaying in Bali with the kids for 10 years. We find it to be a relaxed, beautiful, family friendly destination.


A place we could easily call home. We often meet people working or living the Expat life and we always wondered where genuine opportunities like that came from. A portable business that you could take anywhere!

Too often we are sold opportunities, products, pills and potions that are promising someone a "freedom lifestyle" or miracle health benefits. They usually come with an ongoing monthly subscription and a sales method encouraging you to sell to your mother, your brother and all their friends. 

In 2019 we were introduced to Enagic. An OEM water ioniser manufacturer that has been operating for 45 years. Their water ionising machines not only enable you to turn your household tap into clean, hydrating and safe drinking water, but their genuine business opportunity was still relatively unheard of.

Now we aren't your typical health gurus.

We aren't vegan or fully organic.

We eat red meat,


and we still enjoy a drink or three.....

Whilst our familie's health is important to us, we believe in sustainable life choices. 

Fad diets, gimmick products, and organic everything is often hard and expensive for families to stick to. . 

It is through our experiences, moderation seems more sustainable and enjoyable.

Sure, we have introduced changes into our lives since Enagic, but they have been slow, transitional choices that assist our health, the environment and our finances..

Our Enagic K8 Machine allows us to reduce the chemicals in our home and provide safe, healthy and hydrating water for our family to drink. 

When we first knew we could replace chemicals with water, it seemed kind of strange. We grew up in homes where disinfectant, bleach and gumption were the norm and most "new" products on the market usually meant more $$ and supplies.

Educating ourselves on the benefits of drinking hydrogen rich, electrolysed water seemed like it would be  overwhelming, but it actually has been the best decision we have ever made.  Kangen Water absorbs quicker, tastes better and provides both safer and cleaner options throughout our entire home.

 A genuine, authentic and achievable business.

The Enagic business has allowed us to start creating that change we were looking for.  What we liked the most was it's not a get rich quick scheme you see so much of theses days. We have found it to be a business you can build in your own time, with achievable outcomes. 


Enagic has developed a "patented" payment structure for their Distributors which is like nothing else we have ever come across.  Its not an MLM, there is no de-ranking, and the bonus income is amazing!

We encourage anyone looking for a genuine opportunity to watch the Opportunity Video to learn more.


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Enagic truely has been the best choice we have ever made.